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    My son wants an ipod for his 10th birthday later this month but I know nothing about them. Can anybody offer any advice regarding which one would be best to buy him?

    I have looked at the 8Gb which was on offer for £82 through Bargain Crazy but when I went to purchase they had sold out, my sister wondered if the same model in 4Gb would be suitable as they still have that. I have also considered the 4Gb with video which I can get from several places for £99.

    Any advice would be great & thanks in advance.


    It depends really on how much music he'll want to be able to put on it. If he wants to chuck a few albums on there 4gb would be more than enough. If he wants to put a music collection on it 4gb wouldn't be enough. 4gb holds approx 1000 songs :thumbsup:
    If you go for the older generation nano like the ones at bargaincrazy you'll possibly find it easier to get accessories and cheaper if you require them, like an itrip which allows you to play it through a radio wirelessly, not sure how many accessories are readily available for the new one
    If you have any specific questions, especially about the older nanos, let me know and i'll see if i can help

    the New Nano's maybe a bit too small for your son....
    could easily get lost/damaged.

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    Well this is helping, so an older generation one would seem better for him. I don't think he would really use the video side on the newer ones, just didn't seem much more money for the extra facility.

    At the moment he just uses a CD walkman so anything will be an improvement on that. Can you just loads music onto them from your PC? Or does it need to be downloaded from itunes? I really need an idiots guide, sorry!

    Well if he's using a CD walkman atm, as you say it'll be an improvement. He'll need to have Itunes installed on his PC but you don't have to buy music from itunes. You can covert any of his existing CDs in itunes to mp3/aac format which will work fine on his ipod, also if he has any downloaded Mp3's from elsewhere, it's just that the itunes program is needed to transfer them to the ipod :thumbsup:
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