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    I could really do with some advice and dont know where i can get it .I have a ipod that i brought on my bootsales travels this weekend .it cost me just a few pounds as it has screen damage and no leads whatsoever .It is a 4gb ipod nano .I Have managed to borrow a usb lead and it lights up but most of screen is black through damage .I have plugged in earphones and cant hear nothing .I know it hasn't cost alot but to replace screen would set me back more .does anyone know if it is likely to be a faulty screen or if it is no good at all or is there anyway to tell .
    thanks in advance



    Why don't you download iTunes (it's free) and see if iTunes detects the nano, you can then upload a song and see if that works, and then you can see if it will play!

    If it all works your hardest thing will be navigating through a menu you cannot see due to the broken screen!

    just send it back to apple to get a quote for repairs/it might still be under warranty although it's unlikely...whatever happens you can probably still sell it to someone on ebay for a profit for parts. but if it has water damage then you are screwed....

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    hi thanks it does play music now but no screen so could just need screen replacing thanks for all your help

    it will be cheaper to buy a new iPod than replace a screen to be honest...

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    no a screen doesn't cost much and its a pricey ipod thanks just hope it will work after screen

    no a screen doesn't cost much and its a pricey ipod thanks just hope it … no a screen doesn't cost much and its a pricey ipod thanks just hope it will work after screen

    I think you will find that is not true at all The cost of having that screen replaced will probably be more than that generation of iPod. Unfortunate but true.

    I wouldn't try to send it to apple... it may be stolen... I don't trust bootsales and I don't buy from them...

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    i was thinking off replacing the screen myself but i think it isn't holding a charge now either .so will probably sell it on as i will end up breaking it lol

    i gave a generation 4 ipod to a family member after the hard drive died, and it cost him over £100, i think it was near £150 to replace it! and that wasn't apple either, it was some place in london.

    even if a screen costs half of that, you stil might be better buying a new ipod as you cant guarentee the state of the other parts inside.

    good luck selling it on though

    I would also keep you eyes out in the following weeks, with apple refreshing the ipod nano range you might find some good deals on older stock.

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    thanks for that 50p i will keep a look out .I will stick to my mp3 at mo .

    Just for my 2 pennies worth, have you checked to see if it is still under warrenty?

    you can check that out ]here and enter the serial number to the right of the screen.

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