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Found 28th May 2009
I've just got a new car with an Ipod aux input. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced cable to connect my ipod? The apple website shows some typically ridiculous pricing!

Thanks for any help
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i got a belkin from an apple store. i think it was £10 but not 100%. It winds up so there are no wires dangling but the main reason for purchase, was the fact that it has a 5 year guarantee, and i have found that cheap cables are not worth paying for. They usually break. hope this helps
I bought an Aygo with the aux input socket. Got a cable for my iPod off Fleabay. Around £2 if I remember right and has worked perfectly for months.

Maybe try there
i bought a ford focus and went to ford to buy the lead for it, was only £7.50!!! which i fort was amazing for a main dealer price too.. hope this helps

by the way it works BRILLIANTLY! and i use it everyday
ebay item 270398207666 - this is what i got and works fine
I would suggest that you consider the LiqudAux system from Kensington. My car has an aux input and I have used this (and hidden it all with an extra 12v supply) and the wireless control is on the rear of the steering wheel. It now is a good working system and has allowed added functionality whilst keeping my inbuilt sat nav and supposed top of the range sound system (which of course has a built in mp3 cd changer and therefore no CD changer input for connects2 boxes etc.).

ebay item 270398207666 - this is what i got and works fine

Wow bargain....i'll give it a try.

Thanks everyone for all your help!!!

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