ipod casing

hi, wonder if i can enlist the help of you fellow shoppers.

i am looking to buy an ipod 160gb casing, but dont want the normal solid plastic stuff that you can for a couple of pounds in a bargain bin somewhere but instead want womethink like a thin silicon plastic casing that is like a second skin - and does not make it too bulky,

at the moment i am eyeing up something called evo3 iskin-evo3.co.uk/
but not really going to pay that much.

any help or recommendations anyone?




Try these, I got one for my 2nd gen nano and its fab, adds hardly anything to the size and protects it really well.

Also 10% Quidco!

I'd go with the gelaskins too. I'd avoid the iskins, great product but they're not as low profile as they are made out to be. I had one for my 20gb 4g and it added about 5mm overall.
My 160gb has some stickers on like the gelaskins but see through. Thinking about getting some gelaskins myself still.

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they look pretty good. dont really fancy the pics on them, dont they do any plain looking ones?

I know this might be daft but have you tried fleabay?

few guys at my work have this -


seems to work very well, and barely noticeable on the I-Pod

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