Ipod Classic

    My Ipod Classic is locked, stuck on connected Eject before disconnecting. Tried it on both my pc and laptop and it's not picking it up as connected.

    Tried resetting it and the same.

    Would i contact Apple or return it to Argos. Bought it in October so only a few months old.

    Any Help appreciated


    argos. your contract is with them so they have to fix or replace under warrenty

    Original Poster

    So i should get a replacement straight away?

    That's what i thought i paid Argos so there should deal with Apple.

    But i know a few years ago my mate had to contact Apple to sort it

    Just trying to get it sorted before i go away.

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    No, you wont get a replacement. If you purchased it from Argos in the past 12months it is still under the manufacturers warranty. However all they will do is send it off to Apple to get it fixed and then notify you once it is back into store, this usually takes around 2weeks. My personal advice would be to give Apple UK a call and see if they can help you solve the problem. If you still cant get any joy from that then going back to Argos would be your best bet. When you bought it did they ask you if you would like an extended warranty?... If you said yes and took out the warranty you will be able to get a straight replacement of your Classic, if you said No and just took the product as it was, it will get sent away.

    Hope this helped.
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