iPod classic Case or Pouch

Hello, Does anyone know a cheap online store to buy a case or a pouch for my new iPod Classic? Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you


I too am interested in this please

Can I suggest that rather than a case you buy the invisible shield. It is a film that goes over the ipod and stops it getting damaged from scratches etc.

It isnt particularly cheap. (£16.99) I got mine from a well known auction site, check usa aswell as shops !! but it is available from AMAZON as well.

80gb ]here

160 gb ]here

Note that if you really really want a case then the evo range are fantastic. I bought an evo case for my 5.5 gen 80 gb ipod video and was very impressed, however after buying an in car kit with a docking cradle it became unusable at the same time so opted for the invisible shield.

Finally, I don't know the difference in sizes between the older 5.5 gen 80gb ipod and the newer one, but the ishield for the older one is cheaper on AMAZON. Also as its marketplace remember to add in the delivery costs. Def the best accesory that I bought for my ipod, it is still in pristine condition after being over a year old and it looks as though there is no covering on it.

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