iPod Classic charger / iTrip

    Hi guys,

    I'm after a mains (or car? or both?) charger for an iPod classic, also an iTrip if possible.

    I know the Apple versions are probably best, but they're quite expensive so something cheaper would be ace, tyvm!


    Well i bought one of these for the mains
    Ebay Item number: 180163002198
    And i also have this for in the car it has an fm transmitter plus it charges the ipod aswell…tml
    heres another that looks quite good…1-2

    Have a look in a shop called "Poundland" if you have one in your area, I got a iPod usb charger in there, and if you need it for use in the car they also sell cigarette 5v USB thingy magiggies so you can then plug the usb lead into that and charge it in the car, cost ya £1 each and a trip into town.

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