ipod Classic help & advice please

    I'm looking to buy an 80gb classic - unless anyone out there in the know can disuade me against. Mainly after good storage size for music & video, so this appeals over the new nanos at similar price.

    Looks like JL are doing them for around £139 after £20 off. (plus quidco)

    How do you get tv out from this to a non hi-def tv? (I've read something that these won't work on crt & lcd tvs.)
    Has the firmware been upgraded? I head there were some problems.

    Anything else I should be aware of??


    Firmware is upgraded when you connect the ipod to a computer while online and on itunes

    dont get the first q

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    dont get the first q

    When you go to apple website and look at accessories for the classic, it shows av cables. There are some reviews that suggest you can only get hd pictures out of the classic?? Wondered if this was firmware issue or a means of preventing 3rd parties producing tv out cables.

    Am I getting my component and composite cables mixed up here?…cks

    After a bit further reading around, it looks like these will only give tv out with the pukka apple cables and docks - some sort of protection chip is incorporated - unless someone out there knows different?
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