Ipod Classic Or Ipod Touch

    What would you picK?

    Does one have a better battery life?

    Suggestions Appreciated.


    I'd have the touch to be honest it does so much more

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    oops sorry.


    oops sorry.

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    i want to know this aswell :P duno which one is better :P

    I had to make this choice last December. Went for the touch, purpley on the fact you can do far more with it, it looks nicer and the wifi is a godsend when you're away and in a McDonalds.

    I guess it really comes down to how much music you have, if you have a lot that you absolutely must carry with you all the time then the classic if not then the touch which gives you web browsing, email appstore etc.


    i would go for a classic and have a good phone... cause you may aswell go the whole hog and get an iphone?

    Ipod classic. Mines been working for 4 years now. And I use mine constantly from 15,000ft to bombing down the side of a mountain on a snowboard.


    I have both. I have all of my music on the classic and some in the touch. I haven't got all the songs on my computer -if anyone knows a program for this that would be great. I have over 4200 songs, 4 movies, 5 music videos and 13 tv shows on the classic and thats 30gb so I still have over half of harddrive left. The touch is used for the apps and wifi. It is great though esp checking emails. There is still plenty of memory on it though.

    I have both and the classic gets more use, it seems to last a lot longer on battery life and currently has 10395 songs (all encoded in MP3 at 320kbps) and still works as well as it did on day one.

    The touch is a lovely bit of kit, but it's just not as practical and the lower storage space is a little bit of a pain.
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