Ipod classic problem?

    Was all set to buy an Ipod Classic when they come back into stock in John Lewis next (I was told this is likely to be today).

    However have looked at the Amazon reviews of the classic and this one copied below bothers me and I would be interested in comments from this board who have bought a classic ..

    "got my iPod Classic 80gb the other day and immediately noticed how slow it was synching music from iTunes. I thought it was just because it was quite a big job to transfer over 50gb of material and thought nothing of it.
    The next day though, I tried to add a few songs, update my podcasts and create a playlist and realized that there was a real problem: iTunes kept on freezing and the process was so slow that a procedure which took about a minute on my old 2nd gen model now took fifteen!
    Fearing I'd just gotten a shoddy model, I did a quick online search and discovered that hundreds and hundreds of iPod Classic owners are experiencing the same problem. On the Apple Support site alone there are multiple threads asking for help.
    This is not a problem with my particular device, it is seemingly a universal problem with the Classic, which people are experiencing even after getting replacement units, restoring and reformatting, and using different computers: there is a functionality and compatability problem between the iPod Classic and iTunes. "

    Am buying as a present for my husband but am now a bit worried. Is this the sort of thing that Apple will produce a fix for if it really is a problem?

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