Ipod Classic Vs Ipod Touch

Found 12th Jun 2010
I need to upgrade the memory of my 8GB iPod touch and have been offered 2 others.

Ipod Classic 80GB (colour screen one) for £55

and a 3rd Gen iPod Touch 32GB for £150

What is the size difference like on the two models?

I'm just wondering if it's worth getting the touch. I'm going to uni so won't have wireless in my room so it will just be for music and podcasts really. But I love mine for checking things online at home.

Also, any idea whats the maximum price I could get for a near enough mint 2nd Gen iPod touch 8GB?

Spent alot on holidays and festivals for this coming summer and not sure if I can afford the 32gb really.

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if you can't have the internet on your touch whats the point, unless you use apps on it regularly =]

(for 2nd gen 8gb i'd guesstimate about £70-80 if its in good cond.)
I would get Touch unless you have iPhone.
The only apps I use really are Facebook and a Guitar one, it's mainly for the music though. Just like having all my album art etc on it and the set up more. Will have to see if I can get the money together...

Can you still have podcasts etc on the Classic as I download some every now and then?
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