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    Hi My hard drive recently crashed and i have lost all my music, I dont want to go through and rip all the music again to my library.

    Does anyone know of any Freeware versions of software that copys the music from my ipod touch to my PC?

    I have downloaded a few trial versions but it seems that they have a limit to what they can do!



    Ive used this before and it worked ok for me…ds/

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    The only problem is that this program needs the ipod to be set up as manual sync and use as a hraddrive. Mine is set up to sync automatically. Thanks for the help. Rep added

    I would suggest going into itunes and disabling the 'auto sync' option in preferences, then connecting your ipod and enabling disc use and manual sync. Make sure whilst doing this Itunes does not start synching your ipod otherwise your ipod contents will be synched to your itunes content which means you'll lose your library.

    As for a program, try 'PodUtil', I've used it a lot and it's great for recovering library's or stealing yuour freinds ipod content.…279

    Try Sharepod. It's freeware and I've always found it useful (I don't have much luck with hdds!!)

    You can find it at:…Pod

    Hope this helps!

    anapod is pretty good.
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