iPod Dock?

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a new iPod dock. I want something with a remote and charging features - if it can connect to my tv and play video from my new nano that's an added bonus. I'm not sure if the universal dock is the best option (I've heard mixed reviews) so was looking for some advice.



    I think i wwould be rather careful here - if you definately need video then be warned that apple have now locked the AV out of the new classics so that they will only play in "approved docks" they also took the oportunity to triple the cost of the av cables. I am not sure if they did the same on the new nano although I believe they have.
    if they havent and you want the dock to be forwards compatible be warned.
    If you buy the new apple dock (£35) then you will also need to buy the cables (£35) although I beleive that if you can find an old dock on ebay with svhs then you can use that if compatible with your equipment.
    HOWEVER the old docks are NOT compatible with the new av cables nor will you be able to output composite video from the old docks using the old video cables you can only use svhs.
    The old dock has an svhs connector on the back while the new doesnt
    I would make VERY sure with the supplier that it can output TV with the new ipods so that if it doesnt then you can return it.
    Google the web on TV OUT LOCKED IPOD for more info

    Sorry to bearer of bad news ...

    Note I am relying on what I have seen in iLounge and other forums my new classic failed before I had a chance to test it.-

    try kensington dock on ebay
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