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    Hi All

    I am looking to buy an iPod docking station with speakers for my partner for Christmas but am unsure of which one would be the best quality. Obviously the more expensive it is the better the quality is likely to be, but other than that i know nothing about them.

    I havent really got a budget just yet because i dont know what the best thing to do. I want it to have speakers so he can play in the house and want good quality sound.

    The iPod he has is the 80Gb classic (the one which plays videos)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sanchez :santa:


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    Original Poster

    ok thanks, can anyone help at all?
    Im really stuck

    I only have experience with the Bose Sounddock - we use one at our Boxing gym - which is large - and obviously full of people skipping/kicking bags etc and the music fills the room. The unit is tiny but the sound it produces is brilliant.

    The Klipsch iGroove is half the price (£99.99) and is supposed to sound as good if not better. Never used this one but has rave reviews.
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