IPOD & Docking Station

    I am after an ipod with a docking station. It will be going in my front room but I have little idea about them

    How many songs will 4gb hold??? I am only interested in playing songs on it so not bothered about video.

    Could someone help me out please??


    A 4gb iPod will hold about 1000 songs (although its never usually dead on 1000 since by the time they've put all the software on it takes up a bit of space).
    As for iPod docks, depends on your budget, as they range from 20 -200 quid.

    Some of the better ones include:

    And this one seems to get good reviews all round but is a bit pricey:


    Althought it is cheaper in silver for some reason!! ]

    Hope this is some help!!

    Best bet is to shop around, go into curry's etc and ask for a demo, pick one you like then try an find it cheaper online.
    I don't use an ipod dock, mine goes through a line in into my stereo (better sound).
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