Ipod engraving

    has anybody had their ipod engraved? If so does it look as hoped?

    I know you can get it done free if you order an ipod from the apple shop online - does anybody know if you can bring an existing ipod into an apple shop and get it done and if so how much it was


    I was told you couldn't at the Apple Store in Birmingham. Only can be done when you order it.

    It's one well if that's what you mean? Clean lines and very neat. The finish is just like any other engraved marks on the back of the iPod ie. the serial numbers and the apple logo etc.

    I had my old 20g 4g done and it was a bit of a novelty really. Didn't really look at it after a bit but I'd say it's nice to put a message on if you are giving it as a gift.
    The problem if you have it engraved is that it's harder to sell if you wished to do so later on.
    If you iPod breaks down and you send it back to Apple, they will put the engraving back on too even if they give you a new one in replacement.

    I don't think that you can take it in store and get it engraved, they will only engrave brand new ipods from the factory I think.

    engraving is really nice quality-shame daughter still had it stolen

    The engraving is great. I got it on one i ordered for my hubby last valentines day when he opened the box he saw the engraving and asked why i got someblokes name and mobile number engraved on it :w00t: They soon sent the correct ipod and it looked great

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    shame that only the online apple do it

    was going to get it done to my new one but I can get the ipod cheaper elsewhere and i dont think the engraving is worth 20 odd quid

    If you've already bought one, you could probably go down to your local jewelry engraver. Most likely they use laser etchers too.

    A friend had it done for xmas and it looked really nice, but she had trouble selling it once she got a newer model!
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