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hi, this question is to those people who have bought an ipod (video) from apple uk store (online).

when u purchased the ipod what came with the ipod (accessories) becuase am thinking of buying one but i dont know if they will just send the ipod on its own.



You get exactly what you would from a shop. The ipod video comes with the ipod, usb cable, cd, instructions and the grey sleeve to put it in. That is when you buy brand new, not sure about refurb products.

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thanks for the reply, anyone else know??????

refurbs also come fully equipped, don't think you've got anything to be concerned about.

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is it worth it buying an apple video when i already have a 4gb mini ipod?????

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o yeh i also heard that the ipod died out in less then 1 hour of watching a video, is this true??? anyone who purchased a ipod video please reply tellin me if its worth it and if the ipod was scratced up or anything.....

thank you

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I think they provide the stats on the Apple web site if you look. Your questions aren't very focused which is why not many people are replying, how can anyone tell you if it's worth buying a video if you have a 4GB mini?? That's up to you!

Why would the iPod be scratched up? If you buy online it is exactly the same as buying in store there is no difference.

Re: Scratched up.

I think he means refurbs Admin.. No refurbs have a new case, and are effectively brand new.
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