Ipod full volume time methinks!

    Mrs barky wants to watch slumdog millionaire on channel 4-am I the only person alive who thought this was utter dross? hated it with a passion and then it won all those oscars!

    Shows all barky knows


    My dad told me that film was just rotten and it put me off watching it - but I just loved it !!! was so good and the storyline amazing!

    Excellent film. Obviously you people have bad taste


    I thought it was a load of rubbish aswell, saw it on the plane.

    Probably because of the atmosphere. I watched the premiere at the Empire Theatre and it was one of the best flims that I have seen

    Agreed! I saw it in the cinema after hearing all the hype. Wasnt impressed, tried to give it another chance when the gf got it on dvd. Wasnt impressed...

    Still wonder why people rave about it so much..


    Jai Hooooooooo


    jai ho - live long

    that right?

    Glad im not the only one
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