ipod headphones?

    Hey folks!

    Anyone know where I can get proper Apple ipod headphones in white? Mine broke today!! I'm a student nurse who is cycling around the community to visit patients on a placement and I really need my tunes for the journeys... especially as I'm getting soaked in the process thanks to the Scottish summer!! Without my ipod it's double misery!

    It's for a 1st gen ipod (it's white so that's why I want white headphones). Had a look around but I can't find ones, I just keep finding other ones when I'd prefer the "proper" brand. Or if anyone knows ones that are better than the proper ones, that'd be ok too. Just don't wanna end up with rubbish headphones.

    thanks guys!



    They sell the Apple Ipod headphones in Argos, they are £19.



    go to the apple store and trade them in for a new pair...thats what i do although I would go with buying a different brand of headphones as Ipod's are always breaking

    Erm i have a pair, i can do it cheaper than £19 if you like,

    unless you wanted to trade or something?

    I've got like, a pair with a tiny tiny tiny bit of the inside wire showing (doesn't affect sound quality in the slightest), for £10 delivered.

    Or a perfect pair with no faults at all, for £12 delivered.

    Any good to you Nurse ;)?
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