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    I'm not sue if this is in the correct section, but I'm looking for some replacement headphones for the crappy ones that come with your iPod. Don't really want to spend too much (£15-£20) as iTunes converts your music to .AAC which isn't great quality anyway is it?

    Any advice appreciated.


    You should have posted in "Deal Requests", if you report your thread(Exclamation mark next to your username), it will be moved for you.

    Check out the senhieser cx300s they are pretty decent for your budget.

    not really he wants to know what earphones are good for his budget

    and also hence the word "advice"


    I'm sure someone can give their personal preferences and possably even suggest where there is a good deal for their recommendations.

    You have posted in the correct place BTW... you are asking for advice for a recommendation - not for a specific headset model deal.


    Agree you posted in the right placeThese are pretty good and a good…hi/

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    The CX300's are £17.99 at Play, although PlayTrade has then new from £7. Can PlayTrade be trusted or are they likely to be cheap fakes or something?…tml

    yeh defo watch out for fakes !!!! playtrade more then likely fakes

    this may be helpful…392
    but then you have to see it first, buying of the net you cant really see it.

    also have a look at Skullcandy smokin buds. they are good and come in some cool colours

    Just to point out itunes can convert your files to mp3 as well. Just change the settings.

    Have a look at the Sennheiser PX100 and CX300s. I have both and I slight prefer the CX300s, just because of the fact that the PX100s leak sound like crazy!

    got some sony ones from tesco for £20 with mega bass written on em wouldnt buy any other headphones again! perfect fit oerfect sound and LOTS of bass!

    got 3 pairs (1 still in wrapping for spares!
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