Ipod headphones not loud enough

    Hi, I find that in certain environments my Ipod phones are simply not loud enough. They're also prone to falling out. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a set (not too pricey) that would address these issues. Thanks.


    can recommend these - they will not fall out, and as they sit right in your ear, cancel a lot of outside noise which will make the music louder…tml

    If they're not loud enough it's probably because you've spent years damaging your hearing with too-loud volume settings in the past.

    As to them falling out, iPod earpieces are the 'bud' type, that rely on the depth of the recess in your ear to hold the thing. Many of us, myself included, can't use them. I recommend Sennheiser CX300 ]http//ww…8-2 You can buy them in white, but I have them in black because white earpieces make guys look like poofs. :whistling:

    ipod earphones are terrible for volume. i used mine for a full 5 minutes before ditching them for sennheiser ones.

    playtrade has the white sennheiser ones for £11.35 here:…tml
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