Hoping someone can help me here!

    I recently bought a new pc and installed Itunes.

    My old pc has all of my mp3 stored onto the hard drive, but I now wish to use my new pc for itunes and general media.

    Is there a way that I can connect my Ipod to my new pc and transfer/copy my tracks from the ipod to the new pc? I dont really want to go through the hassle of transferring everything from my old pc to my new one.

    Any one help?

    Thanks in advance



    Here is what I do,
    Put all the songs from your old computer onto your ipod. Then mark it as you will transfer the songs manually, this is so that you can keep all the songs if you put it into the new computer. When you put it into the new computer, you highlight the songs you want and drag them to where your ipod name is at the right side of the screen. This should work. This is what I do. Every time you get a new cd copy it to your computer and then again highlight the songs from your libary and drag them to the ipod name.
    Hope this helps!

    or simply download yamipod…me/ it will backup your ipod onto the new computer. then you simply let itunes blank the ipod and add the songs back on

    I downloaded copytrans when my computer had to be put back to factory settings. You can do some for free (250 I think) or pay approx £20 to register it and copy all of them over in a matter of seconds. You can use the registration for as many computers as you want, I have used it 3 times now (computer was put back to factory settings again and then I got a new one)

    Very easy to use and worth the £20 in my opinion

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    thanks gues for all your suggestions.

    Just read somewhere that I can access the ipod as a portable media device and basically copy and paste all the tracks from the ipod to the pc. Will give this a whirl.
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