ipod help :)

    got my ipod 2g jailbroken but i got an update for angry birds waiting and it wont update says i need full version how do i update it ? cos i completed all the levels i got and was hoping for some more lol


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    wats tht lol i aint got a clue

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    all i got on ipod is cydia and loader i get apps of 2 shared my bf jailbroke it ill google tomorrow

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    im on 4.1 and used green poison to jailbreak bout 4 months ago

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    2 shared does it automatically i download it and it goes straight into itunes

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    In Cydia click manage then sources then edit add then open Cydia again install installous click updates add the new version of angry birds job done

    installous is app store but free, i got tom tom sat nav 60 quids worth from installous.

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    ty will try that now
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