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    Is there any way i can watch programmes on iplayer/4od etc on my iPod touch 4th gen? Any way around it?


    Not sure about iplayer but you can stream freeview live using tvcatchup. You have to register but it's free and safe. I use it all the time, tis good

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    Wicked. Thanks for that. X

    iPlayer should work just by using the internet browser on your iPod touch. I watch iPlayer stuff on my 2nd gen iPod quite a bit.

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    Nope won't let me.

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    Just looking into that. WTF is jailbroken an how do I know? X

    Alternative way is download the show then convert to MP4 or buy them in the itunes store.

    You can watch iplayer, although there is no app the site itself works fine...…er/
    Never tried 4od but presume it would be the same, iplayer though works well and the quality is quite decent!

    I think 40d is flash isn't, apple+flash=not happening


    I think 40d is flash isn't, apple+flash=not happening

    Puffin App.

    Get any flash sites/games/video's on any Apple Device
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