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    Just got the little lass an ipod for xmas,now i've had a look at it ect downloaded itunes but what do i do next lol.I've got loads of mp3's on my pc but i really need a good mp3 tagger that will rename and tag my mp3s in the right way.Also need to find out how i get these onto the ipod if anyone as a link to a walkthrough could you let me have it please.I suppose once you've done it for the first time i guess it's a piece of cake after that


    If you want tag all your music the quick way go to…ger and download the tagger. which will tag all your music but check while its tagging coz 1 or 2 songs might get a wrong tag. and the go to itunes file add to library and add the music folder to itunes and then connect the ipod. and select manually manage music and select the songs you want to put in the ipod and drag and drop to the left hand side ipod icon on itunes. it will copy everything. if you wanna delete songs just click the ipod in itunes and delete what ever you want. further check if your ipod is compatible with if yes download that and follow instructions which provides a good platform so that you can download and delete songs from your ipod without using itunes as well as you can change backgrounds etc.

    hope it was helpful

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    cheers m8 will have a look at the links and try and get my head round it,the things doing my head in now want to get it sorted then i'm not messing with it chrimbo day

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    any idea how i find out what gen this ipod is,i got it from dixons it was a refurb


    You've opened her present first, thought that was frowned on? I know the most exciting part for me is getting into the shrink wrap plastic.

    Not sure if this will help you, But i found burning my albums to an image iso/nrg etc etc. and then loading them with deamontools. allowed me to keep them in nice tidy folders and retain any info i want. then itunes just loads it as a normal cd and sync as u require. sounds a little long winded but you also get the benifit of a nice tidy backup archive should you need it.
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