Ipod help,please

Hi , I have an iphone and have my itunes set up for this . Now my daughter has recieved an ipod nano for xmas . I have set her account up under my account ( by holding shift upon opening itunes and renaming her folder ) , i have purchased an album for her and succesfully loaded it on to the nano .

Now though im a tad confused. The album ive bought , should it be on my computer somewhere ? as i cant find it .

Also when i plug my iphone back in i cannot see the album even in itunes so i cannot load it on to my phone .

Can you buy 1 album and load on to numerous devices , or is it only for 1 device ?

thanks in advance for any help


Yes it can be used on numerous devices

Should be under my music then itunes then itunes media - music and should be there

If no have you tried a search through the computer ? Top of a window e.g my docs says search - search c drive and type in the album or artist

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Hi thanks for the reply . However the album is not there . I have tried also a search of the c: drive and it returns no results

Hmmmm best bet contact itunes and they will allow a free redownload of the album

Wait for another reply on here before doing the above though

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ok , thanks any way mate
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