Ipod in car -

    My girlfriends car doesnt have a tape deck or a aux jack.

    I know theres a way to playipod without these - somekind of transmitter.

    Iknow that you tune ipod into that station and play that station in car and it works.

    Anyone know what this is? what to search for?



    FM transmitter, do a search on here 'FM+transmitter' loads of threads on it.

    itrip is an official i pod transmitter otherwise as mentioned above fm transmitter, play have loads so do amazon

    There's one called the iTrip and Belkin also do one called the Tunecast, both do the same thing by allowing you to transmit to the radio in the car.

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    ebay item - 330294605209

    will that do the job?

    looking for 1 less than a fiver

    You need the Griffin i-trip.:santa:


    ebay item - 330294605209will that do the job?looking for 1 less than a … ebay item - 330294605209will that do the job?looking for 1 less than a fiver

    With this sort of thing you get what you pay for... I'd pay the extra if I were you and get a decent one.


    You need the Griffin i-trip.:santa:

    I would go with this one. This is the one i use.

    they suck though, really bad distortion

    if you appreciate music at all, the sound quality would be painful to listen to

    i personally have the alpine 9847-r headunit with ipod adaptor i got off ebay for about £50 2nd hand in good condition, can listen to my iphone playlist through the stereo controls with good sound quality, also works with most ipods
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