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Found 5th Oct 2007
Hi Chaps

Going to New York in a couple of weeks, and wondered where the best place to pick up an iPod iTouch would be.

Would it be best to get this from the Apple Store, or do they have equivalents to Comet / Currys etc. Alternatively, would the airport (duty free) be a better bet ?

If so, any ideas of what sort of prices we are looking at ?

Any advice duly welcome.



Original Poster

Any comments ?

We are going next week - so any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

For the experience you've got to go to the Apple Store on 5th Ave.

If all else fails there's tons of places you could try:

Circuit City

If you want to have another great experience and you're in to your photographic equipment (btw they sell iPods too) be sure to check out B&H Photo. A truly unique experience!


Alternatively, would the airport (duty free) be a better bet ?Cheers

iPod touch is £199 in the UK apple store, so at Dixons tax free it's



It#s $299 in the UK (plus ~8% state taxes) = £158

My advice - buy it at Dixons...

Ooh that's a bargain, and I'm off to the airport on Wednesday. Hmm...

I should point out that neither option guaranty any freedom from being charged Duty when you re-enter the country. Dixons Tax-Free is really only safe for those leaving the country and not coming back in, as there is still a chance you could be stopped and asked to pay duty on any item purchased when you come back into the country.

Go to the Apple store mate, you will have much more fun!
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