Found 25th Dec 2007
Just gave my daughter an IPOD Nano for Xmas. The trouble is I have Windows 2000 on my computer and I need I Tunes 7.4 or later but cannot load this on my system. Is there anything else I can do aprt from purchasing Windows XP?
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Try version 7.3.2 for Windows 2000, you can get it here:
Spriggan has come up with the only solution. Thats the only version you can download for win 2000 otherwise you're gonna have to upgrade your operating system.
Will try that, hopes it works!!!!
If not where would I get an upgrade to XP?
You can operate a Nano using winamp, you don't actually need Itunes to put music on it, of course you sill need Itunes to buy music from Itunes., I had the same problem and using winamp sorted it, without upgrading to XP, I think there are a few other music players that support Ipods too!

And Itunes7.32 doesn't work on the newest Ipods you need 7.4 or up.
Does the new ]Floola support the new Ipods?

This is what I set up on my cousins old Ipod.
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