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Found 3rd Nov 2017

I wanted to get my two sons an ipod each for Christmas. This is a significant milestone as they have no tech of their own as yet but they are both at an age where they are getting into music and audiobooks. I wanted to get an ipod nano (or similar) so that they don't have access to apps etc. I know the nano is on they way out. I wonder if that is significant?

I don't know of any alternatives to an ipod nano. Any recommendations?

I don't really like paying full price for anything. Any tips?
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The Nano just needs iTunes to sync music and so on... You don't need to worry about support like with an old iPhone.
Get something like this instead. Personally I find it better to load songs manually rather than be tied to iTunes. Then you can get music from e.g. Amazon, Google, your own ripped CDs etc. and just put it on there like it's a USB drive.

I bought my iPod nano for £75 (aroundish, can’t remember) from CeX. Practically new (only sign of use in the lightning port, as it was slightly dirty). All Apple have done is discontinue it (no longer produce it) so you can no longer buy it new from the usual places.
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