IPOD Nano 2GB Request

    Hi guys,

    Could anyone find me a real good deal on one of these babies ?

    The cheapest I can find it for (inc delivery) is £127.99 - can anyone beat that ??

    You can include any discount codes too - cheers !



    HMV have white and black in stock priced at £139.99 delivered.


    Use Promotional Code: VS0611 for £20 Off

    Total: £119.99 delivered

    Original Poster

    Cheers Millar !

    I've found a 4GB version for £95 !!! I'm unsure whether it's dodgy though due to this unbelieveable price, so I'm just checking it out now - I'll let you know

    Chris, is the one on ebay by any chance where you have to email the seller to get on the pre approved buyers list? 95 quid for a 4Gb Ipod Nano is too good to be true unfortunately.

    I've come accross this little trick before where the seller will advertise sought after items at stupidly cheap prices but will not respond to requests to be approved. The auction will eventually end with no buyers and they just keep re-listing and so on...

    Guess they use the listing as a way of advertising their 'proper' stuff. Of course I could be wrong so I've emailed the seller myself but I dont expect to get a reply or approval even though I have a perfect ebay record!

    Original Poster

    Hi Deal,

    yes it is mate - as I said it looks dodgy as it's advertised at a silly price - but it's worth asking !

    Let me know if you get a reply on this !!

    Anyone else wish to contribute the best price they can find for either a 2 or 4GB Ipon nano ?

    Cheers again guys - Karma all round

    Yeah I'll let you know on this thread if I do.

    I got myself an ipod nano 2Gb a few weeks ago when Boots were offering 10% off everything. I also used another voucher and got it delivered for £111 ! I've not seen a cheaper price that that anywhere including ebay.

    Unfortunatly Boots' current offer of 10% off is by way of a voucher code whereas Last time they automatically deducted the 10% in the shopping basket which meant you could use a voucher in addition to get a total of 20% off. Guess they saw the error of their ways and done it different this time


    Thanks Chris ...i'll keep a look out for something cheaper!
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