iPod Nano 3G mains power charger

    The one I purchased for my grandad isn't compatible with his new generation Nano, so I'm after a new one, requirements are:

    1) 100% definitely compatible with the new Nano
    2) Can be delivered before Friday
    3) Isn't £25+ like the official Apple one :P

    Many thanks


    Have a look at eBay, there seem to be several on there.

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    Yeah, that's where I got this one from thanks, but it doesn't work, so I was just wondering if anyone's had some experience with getting one that 100% definitely works

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    Looks great thanks, will it definitely work though?

    Just bought a new Nano for my mother so i'm very interested to know what people suggest.


    Looks great thanks, will it definitely work though?

    yeh shouldn't be a problem, plus its on £3

    I'm not 100% sure but haven't Apple made it so you can't use 3rd party things in the dock connector? I'm sure I read that they'd made it so all of the things going into the dock connector have to have a chip inside. I don't know how this works when you use a USB charger and have the cable that came with the iPod? Not sure if they both need a chip?

    For what it's worth I've got the official charger and that works well.

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    So that one on Scan won't work...?

    [email protected]

    I'm not sure, it may well work, I just remembered hearing something about the dock connectors, but with you only having to plug the USB end of the cable into the charger it might not matter which charger it is being plugged into?

    It might be worth investigating further on specific electronics forums to see what other people use?

    I'll have a bit of a look and see if I can find anything.

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    Nice one, thank you

    I've just tried mine at the moment and it's worked fine on my Classic, so I'll take it to his on the way home and see how I get on, cheers!

    I reckon it should work, especially if it works with the Classic.

    I think maybe it's just some of the things which plug directly into the dock which might not work, where as with the charger you use the official cable so I think it will be ok.


    So that one on Scan won't work...[email protected]

    It works with my shuffle and video

    its just getting a charge from the wall socket via the usb cable as opposed to the pc
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