Ipod nano 3rd gen

    Has anyone got these working through there tele....:thinking:

    Chuf :whistling:


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    i have a dock from argos (previous post) but have no picture...........
    Reading throught diffrent forums it seems it has to be a apple docking station......just wonderd if this was right.....................

    Seems such a rip to make you buy the official dock that costs £30 just so it works on the TV. I have an expensive stereo/DVD player with a built in dock that now it seems won't work with my new nano when it arrives.

    Does the new nano slot into any dock with the little plastic adapter thingy like other Ipods? I ask because I bought one for my mother as well (christmas) and might pick up a cheap dock so she can charge it and use it on her stereo.

    Missed the Argos dock, anyone know of another cheap dock with controller.
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