Ipod Nano 8gb / 4gb

    Most high street shops are doing the 4gb version for £129 maybe a discount code for somewhere like Currys or Comet would work

    I'd ideally wanna pay about 100 for the 4gb or maybe 130 for the 8gb.

    Need delivery asap or preferably collect in store as its for a birthday.



    i just found this link. i know they are not new but have a look as they are from apple. 4gb for £85 inc shipping.…1.1

    [url][/url] have 4gb Ipods for £105

    as noted elsewhere, altho apple & creative have each got their fans - high st prices:

    £129 4gb nano

    £80 4gb zen instore at currys

    gotta be worth considering.

    Also factor in Applecare for any ipod you buy.... speaking about that i get all my apple warranties and extras from [email protected] he's very reliable, used him for two years now. Does paypal/ebay. If you do email im say "nick lobo" said hi, otherwise he'll get confused about how you heard of him

    Original Poster

    Thanks people
    In the end ordered the 4gb from debenhams as was on the main page yesterday. With the free delivery and 25% discount code ended up at a very nice £95.
    Thanks for help
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