Ipod nano gym / sport holder for the arm

    Wanting to get one for the gf for xmas looking the the arm band holder for the ipod nano cheapest would be great thanks



    Saw them on the shelves in Home Bargains for £1.99! (they are sealed genuine Apple nano arm holders)...

    Check to see if there is a store near you... great shop for cheap stuff... eg. I saw the game Desperate Housewives' for £2.99 when it is £24.99 in Argos!

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    thats annoying the nearest one to me in northampton and i am in surrey anyone near one that could have a look for me? thanks for the post tho

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    Anyone fancy buying me a couple of these with their ebay account and i will give you an extra £5 for the trouble looking to buy 4 of them as i dont have my ebay account as they decide to suspend me firstly due to have x2 negative feedbacks that had been on there for 100days but it concerned them now lol and now they want me to sort out 3 / 4 year old problems on my paypal acocunt that i dont use anymore before i can get it back so i think they are making it up as they go along are they allowed to do this. So yeah any takers? i can pay the money via cheque cash or bank transfer to anyone who is kind enough to do this thanks

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