iPod nano or new sony walkman

    note: if u dont want my life story skip past the text in the box, and get to the bold bit.
    a year and a bit on from when i bought my creative v200 mp3 player, which is gathering dust behing the screen. it is time to advance on from 256mb.

    i dont want to buy a new one next year so im going for the big boys with a decent amount memory. so my choice is either the iPod nano or the new sony walkman. im stuck between the two, they both look cool.

    all it needs to do is play music, which im sure both are capable of doing.

    what would yas recommend, iPod nano or the new sony walkman?
    one that wouldnt conk out early, would be better.


    Sony Walkman, without doubt. It's set to be this years "big thing" if you ask me, and the violet one looks amazing.

    Is no one voting?

    I doubt there will be much to choose between them, one of them will have that killer thing that will make the difference for you.

    I would go for the ipod, I have a shuffle and it has changed the way I listen to music (well I still use my ears but you know what I mean! )

    I find iTunes great and real easy for uploading my music to the shuffle. easier than other software I've used. That's because I used the random button and let it all upload itself.

    Althought converting my music files to ACC to begin with was a pain and now I have copies of my songs in both WMA and ACC but heck I'm not pushed for space.

    I also think the sound quaility of my ipod is better than my daughters Creative MuVo but I'm not sure if I'm brain washed as I always like to think I've made the best choice! Heehee you know how it is, my ice cream is bigger than yours.

    After all that I haven't see the new walkman......

    The Nano is only 14hrs, compared to the Cheaper Sony - 35hrs!
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