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    Hello i was bought the new nano for Xmas and wondered if my own videos could be uploaded to it, and how to do this.
    Thanks in advance


    convert the video files to mp4 which can be done easily by free software ( check online), and drag it to your ipod in itunes.

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    I cannot do it, they are already MP4, but i cannot add them to movies, i don['t have a folder called that in itunes

    With your ipod connected to itunes, click on the ipod name on the left under 'devices'. This wil take you to a summary page for your ipod. Along the top click on 'movies' and then put a tick in the sync movies box. Put another tick in the selected movies box and then choose the movies that you want to import. This should do it ok for you. :thumbsup:

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    I just cannot seems to get my movies uploaded into the itunes movies tab, think i am going to stamp on the stupid blummin thing!

    I've had many many problems with my sisters nano..the best advice i can give you is google your problem, thats how i have solved all my problems

    Once in itunes click on your ipod and a cartoon version of your ipod should come up. Once there tik the box which says 'manually manage music, video' or something like that. Once you have ticked this go to the drop down menu of the ipod in itunes and click movies. Once on this drag video files from your desktop to the movies section in itunes. Hope this helps
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