Ipod on the plane?

Found 17th Sep 2006
Hi All

I'm flying to Egypt tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knows for definite if I can take my Ipod on the plane?


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well i am not sure what restrictions are still in place. its mostly london airports anyway so depends on what airport youre flying from.

take it as hand luggage, you can always put it in your suitcase as it doesnt take much room
[SIZE=2]I'm just concerned that they'll say I can't take it once I have my suitcases checked in... What do you do in that circumstance?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I'm flying from Gatwick by the way...[/SIZE]
Just found the answer on the Monarch web page: -

Updated passenger and cabin baggage information
http://www.flymonarch.com/pic/cmn/spacer.gifThe decision by the Department for Transport (DFT) to downgrade the UK terrorism threat level has resulted in changes to the hand baggage policy at all UK airports. Passengers are permitted to carry one small piece of handbaggage through security and on to their flight. The size of the bag is restricted to 45cm x 35cm x depth 16cm with a maximum weight of 5kg.
Mobile phones, battery and electrical items such as laptops and mp3 players may be taken. Liquids or products made from constituted liquids* may not be carried in hand luggage with the exception of prescription medicines and medical items sufficient and essential for the flight. For those travelling with infants, baby food and milk sufficient and essential for the flight is allowed and must be tasted by the accompanying passenger. Lighters are not permitted to be taken through the security search area or in hold luggage.
Until the end of September, the allowance for hold baggage on Monarch's scheduled flights will increase to 25kg.
Passengers booked to travel on Monarch flights are advised to allow additional time for check-in at UK airports.
*including any cosmetics, perfumes, gels, toothpastes and aerosols
I'm pretty sure that if they confiscated it further on in the process (i.e. after you checked luggage) they would have to take care of it for you and check it. Either they would notify you before you check the luggage or they would take care of it after.

In any case according to the blurb above you should be fine
[SIZE=2]i took mine on a recent trip well it wasnt abroad it was from LHR to Glasgow[/SIZE]
well they was doing all the checking at the front entrance before you even checked luggage in. i rekon you'll be okay now though

look on the bright side, the "new" ipods are out now so can always upgrade if something should happen! kiddin...
Thanks for all your input guys. I'm off to bed in a minute as I need to be at the airport at 07:00.

I'm going to take my Ipod in my hand luggage and double check what I need to do when I check in. Hopefully I won't have any problems.
I have a 20gb photo and a 2gb nano but would love one of the new shuffles pennypincher. I'll have to see if they're available in the duty free or if anyone's off to the states soon...
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