ipod or good mp3 player with screen


    at the moment my missus is using a smakll 256 meg mp3 player that hasa rubbish display - so changing folder is hard etc etc

    where can i get a good mp3 player that is well designed and thought out

    let me know

    also i dont know the difference in 5th gen 28383th gen ipods etc

    can someone let me know


    Latest gen is 5.5 for the full size iPods, with 30GB + Space..

    Original Poster

    any deals?

    I think if we had a bit more information from you, someone would be able to make a recommendation.

    What capacity are you looking for 1GB, 6GB or 20+GB.

    Do you prefer flash or Hard disk?

    Do you just want to listen to music or watch videos?
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