Ipod, psp, Ps2, digital Camera

    hi there right im asking for alot and am prob gnna wait till the sales:

    Looking for a good deal on a psp does anybody know when they may drop sub 100?

    Wanting an ipod anno 4gb not necessarily new generation for cheap

    fancy a slimline ps2 but is there any point prices anywhere?

    and im looking for a cheap digital camera with alright specs any help would be much appreciated


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    I have a 6mp Samsung. Digimax s600.
    Brand new - still in box.…=11

    Make me an offer.

    I don't see the slim PSP dropping in price anytime soon as it has not been out for that long. Your best bet would be second hand. There are often the old style fat ones on offer so you can get a couple of games and the psp for about £90 or so. Try looking for voucher codes for example if the John Lewis £20 off one is still valid a PSP could be had for something in your price range.

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    cheers there havent they been out a good 2 years though??? wt bwt getting a slimline ps2 an all just sold my old one cus i didnt use it but for sum odd reason im tempted god knows why!

    I bought a brand new psp with the new Simpsons game for £140 from Blockbuster.

    I'm trading up to an iPhone so my silver iPod nano 4GB is up for grabs. How about £50 delivered?

    brian if OP doesn't take the ipod i may be interested. Please PM me if OP is not interested.


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    is it the new nano or 2nd gen???

    the iPod is 2G.

    Same as this one:…h-/ psp bundle have a butchers if your interested let me know price can be discussed
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