Found 14th Oct 2008
Thinking of getting an Ipod with 160gb, how easy is it to put DVDs that you already own onto it?

Wanting to put the kids films on it so we dont have to take all the dvd boxes on holiday and have them all over the floor of the car.

Have 2 portable screens for the car and it would be good if the wife could just change the films through the Ipod rather than twisting round when I am driving.


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I use a program called Allok, it converts my avi files to mp4 to use on my ipod. There are loads of Allok programs for converting, I should imagine there is one for converting a dvd to mp4.

Edit: Done some googling, seems its not as easy as it would seem! lol.. personally if you own the dvd's I don't see the harm in downloading the avi version of it, then its really easy to convert. Maybe the clever people here will know an easy way.

"nero recode 2" will convert to ipod format from dvd but not sure how you will go on with the copy protection maybe you could use "any dvd" as well. i have never converted from dvd to mpeg 4 only avi to mpeg4 so i dont know if nero recode is the best to use :thumbsup:

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Cheers, why cant life be simple:roll:

Personally,I use DVDFab Decrypter to decrypt my DVDs onto the PC hard disk, then nero recode to conver the movie into an MP4 file which can then be imported into iTunes.

DVDFab decrypter takes about 15-20 minutes to decrypt the DVD (depending on the spec of your PC). Re-encoding the video will probably take a couple of hours for a 1.5 hour movie (agian, depends on the spec of your PC.

should have added that DVD Decrypter is freeware, and almost every dvd drive these days ships with nero !

dvd decrypter to 'rip' the dvd, then i use kvip to encode to mp4 format
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