Ipod Radio Transmitter

    On looking for these, I'm blinded by choice, and am unsure of whats hot and what's not. Ideally I want to get one for her car that has some sort of dock.

    Anyone care to shove me in the right direction?



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    While I can't speak from experience as I don't have one, my friend's been very impressed with hers, which is made by Kensington. The reception is almost crystal clear and alot better than other makes. It doesn't have a cradle dock though but does charge the ipod during use. It's £34.60 from Amazon - ]click here

    Kensington also do a newer version that, if your car has an RDS radio (where it tells you what station you're listening to), the transmitter transmits the name of the track and artist so you can see it on your radio. Works with nano and video ipods and is £40.67 at Amazon - ]click here

    Other makes that have been mentioned as good are Belkin e.g ]TuneCast £17.99 from Amazon (no dock) or ]TuneBase £39.99 from Amazon (has a dock). Another popular choice is the istuff icast transmitter which is £29.99 from iworld (]click here). Again this one doesn't have a dock but can also be used on a home hi-fi so you're not just restricted to using it in the car.

    I haven't searched too hard for best prices so you may find these cheaper elsewhere. I believe all of these will be legal in the UK when the law is changed on 8th December to allow low-range FM transmitters to be used.

    If you're wanting reviews, then check out iLounge. They rate that TuneBase pretty well, though I went for the cheaper iTrip Auto (£25). Not received it yet, so can't pass a judgement.

    [SIZE=2]Theres loads on ebay.[/SIZE]
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