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    Post my complete format of my hard drive I'd like to put on all the songs from my ipod 2nd generation video. I've about 40 gigs on it.

    Is there any decent free program that i can use to do this.

    I would really like to keep my playcount too.

    Thanks inadvance,


    k iono

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    Is this possible through itunes? I thought itunes simply would wipe my ipod which holds all these songs. Cant itunes only sync the purchased songs you have.

    I for example have loads of old CD's that i converted onto my ipod ages ago.

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    Thanks for this, unfortunately this doesnt copy directly in to itunes, nor does it keep the play count i have on my songs.

    The program I've found that is very good is copy trans, although it only does 100 at a time unless you pay about 30 quid for it which is a joke.

    Any other ideas please?

    I haven't had an ipod for about 4 years but when I did have one, I used Anapod for copying tracks from ipod-->hdd. I also used a program called CopyPod which seems to be called CopyTrans these days.
    Both are commercial programs though so not free unless you want to download them from bittorrent or somewhere.

    edit: ah, i see you've already tried one of my suggestions.. disregard that one then!

    just started to use, seems a bit slow but works.

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    Found on the torrents Anapod and have used this. Its a brilliant program. Thanks for suggesting it.
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