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    I am thinking of getting an IPod or an IPod shuffle. Do you need to already have an IPod to use an Ipod Shuffle, or is it just a smaller version of an Ipod?



    Its a very small probably 1" X just under 1" but brilliant for putting in shirt pocket, only problem is had mine 14 months now batter is dead, wont charge, but has been used lot, had mine from the apple strore where they engrave for free also, but I have seen them advertised on here for some place, cant remember where, but within the last week or so for £28 good luck

    yeah, it is just a smaller version of an ipod, u dont need both :thumbsup:

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    Thanks guys,

    Can you get an Itrip for them, or does it have to be for an Ipod/Ipod Nano?…583 for different Shuffles.

    and i don't think you can, i think itrips are just for ipods and nanos like you said
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