iPod Shuffle - best price???

    Hi Guys!

    Been playing around with various voucher codes and quidco to no avail, and was just wondering if anyone knew of the best price they can pick up the iPod Shuffle for??

    Want to get as close to £40 as possible really.

    Any pointers will be apprecaited.



    Not sure if its the cheapest but argos were giving a £15 itunes voucher free with them.

    Follow the steps below to get an iPod shuffle for £40.
    [*]Go to [url][/url].
    [*]Add the iPod you want to your basket (Product IDs at the bottom).
    [*]Add a £1 John Lewis Acceptance Card (76547001).
    [*]Go through the checkout, and click "Enter Payment".
    [*]At this screen click the text link "Click here if you have a promotion code".
    [*]Enter the promotion code (YW688PCH878).
    [*]Bob's your Uncle. Apple iPod Shuffle for £40, delivered, from a trusted seller.

    Plus, don't forget Quidco, which at 3% would make it £38.80.

    76547001 Apple iPod Shuffle, 1GB, Silver
    83801042 Apple iPod Shuffle, 1GB, Blue
    83801043 Apple iPod Shuffle, 1GB, Green
    83801044 Apple iPod Shuffle, 1GB, Purple
    76547001 John Lewis Acceptance Card

    Original Poster

    Cheers Adam - I tried a couple of codes for JL but couldn't get any of them to work!

    Will give it another whirl!

    Boots were selling Ipod shuffles for £39 in store the other day when I got them to price check one, as I guess they were discontinuing those like they were the nano's. That was in Norwich.
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