iPod shuffle problems

    I just picked out my iPod shuffle (2nd gen) which i havent used for a few months - anyway.

    I just went to sync some music and I get the error:

    Attempting to copy to disk 'Tom's iPod' failed - An unknown error occured (error 124)

    I click OK then get:

    The iPod 'Tom's iPod' cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found.

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I have googled but haven't found anything major.

    Tried to do a returns on the apple site and they want a £45 reserve! LOL!

    I have restored 4 times.


    Try upgrading to the latest version of iTunes:

    Looks like someone else's had the same problem:…760.

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    Using the current version

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    I know I know. Pick me!Gimme a min to get a link.Doesn't list your … I know I know. Pick me!Gimme a min to get a link.Doesn't list your problem but try it anyway:

    Cheers DCX, when I try to install it, it won't let me because i'm using 64bit... -.- thanks anyway.

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    Tried running it in compatability mode or on another PC?

    Tried compatability, no go

    I'll try another PC soon.

    Try resetting it.

    Middle of jog wheel and top at the same time, or summat like that.

    Worked on my 4th gen nano when windows wouldn't find it.
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