Ipod Shuufle sync cable

    Hi Guys,

    I lost the sync cable for my IPod Shuffle and hubby purchased a replacement off eBay. I’ve plugged it in and haven’t had any joy

    The iPod shuffle is the 4th generation version and after a bit of investigation the cable hubby ordered was for the 1st or 2nd generation!

    I have been looking on eBay again and have found 3rd Generation (3G they call them) sync cables but no 4th generation.

    Does anyone know if the 3rd generation will work on my 4th Generation shuffle?

    Sorry for the long winded question  Thanks in advance for your help x


    I've got a similar problem to you - my sync cable 'disappeared', and the kids know nothing! I've just got a 4th gen cable from Ebay, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm off to an Apple store tomorrow, I'll let you know what they say.

    Original Poster

    Thanks cis_groupie, I was planning on doing the same tomorrow evening, ill let you know how i get on to lol

    Apple store tried out the cable that I had bought on Ebay & it doesn't work. So I have now bought one from Apple. So that's my problem solved. Hope yours gets sorted
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