Found 5th Jul 2006
Hi all, can anyone recomend some speakers for my iPod. Its a 4th Gen Colour.

Thanks Tek


What kind of speakers you after? Ones for travelling/portable or ones for around the house?
Plan on using any other devices with them?

I've got the JBL creature ones in my room which I use for my ipod and laptop -…848

They look good and sound pretty good too for the price.

Original Poster

idealy I'd like one for my front room, the wife and I both have iPods so we want to be able to pop it in and play music when we're in. I'd like one with good sound and a remote control ideally.

any ideas?


I'd suggest youcheck out
On there go to Reviews & Accessories then sort by category and choose speakers.

Will give you a list of recommended speakers and a rating given for each one. Quite a good site as the products are all reviewed for use with the ipod and also gives other users feedback on products too. Also will have a whole range of differing products at differing prices so you should be able to find something suitable there.


These sound fantastic... I tried all of the speakers out in the Apple shop last year as I bought a Nano Ipod for my girlfriend and these sounded best by far... better than the speakers priced at £300.

Oh and when I ordered them from Amazon they sent me 4 by mistake... sorry others sold on ebay

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