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    Hi, I'm wanting to connect the ipod up so I can play it into the bathroom. I have a shelf and plug outside of the bathroom so the ipod and power supply stay safe, and plan on putting the speaker wire up through the ceiling and then back into the bathroom ceiling and connecting it to waterproof speakers.
    Now, where I'm stuck is what equipment to use. Am I right in thinking I could use something like this set up:

    Amp to connect up to the speakers:…m14

    Dock to power the ipod:…m14

    and waterproof speakers:…275

    If anyone can think of a better way to do it or other alternatives than the ones I've listed that'd be great.
    Many thanks for any help


    cant you get a shower cd player with an aux on it? or wont your ipod work this way?

    you could get a cheap ipod fm transmitter and water proof radio and use that.

    I put in a KB Sound bathroom radio into the bathroom when i moved in. The speakers go in the ceiling and you control it with a remote. You can setup radio stations and then to use your ipod, you could use an itrip like Redranger86 said.


    I bought a wireless radio kit a few years for only £14.99 . It stays in the bathroom . It comes supplied with sender unit that plugs into anything that has a 3.5mm earphone socket , ipod ,pda ,phone ,mp3 player etc .It will send the signal to the reciever radio .It is also a radio picking up FM and it also has a built in clock .
    Not bad if you want to listen to music in the bath with the hastle of drilling holes , fitting cables .etc.
    If you spend 4 or 5 hours in the bathroom each day , then go for the hard wired way :-)

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    Thans for the replies. . If we were a few years ago it'd be really easy with the mini hi-fi's and simply just changing the speakers. I know you can get some mini hifi's that have the aux for the ipod but in an ideal world I'd like a nice slim device that can be fitted to the wall, or look quite nice on a shelf. Although I mentioned a docking station earlier, I'm not that bothered about it being able to charge the ipod or not.
    I know you can buy systems with seperate speakers so I could change them but they tend to be quite expensive and it seems such a waste given I won't even be using those speakers. I wondered about just buying a really cheap one like this:…096
    Just purely to take apart and try to connect some external speakers into it. The sound doesn't have to be brilliant. . it'll only be used 10 mins a day whilst we're in the shower and the bathrooms fully tiled so I wouldn't think it would give the best sound in the world anyway with the tiles. Do people think that would be possible? If not, would the set up I mentioned in my first post do the job? Thanks for the help

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    Or might it be easier to change the speakers on this unit?
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