Ipod Speakers needed by Friday


    I'm off on a road trip this Friday & the car stereo has died :-( Think the easiest way to ensure I have some tunes is get me some Ipod speakers.

    Looking for the best speakers I can get on a budget of £25, only 2 requirements really. They must run on batteries or via the cigarette lighter and need to be with me by Friday morning. (in store or online is fine)

    Any suggestions you can give me are much appreciated.




    I went into Home Bargains ages ago about a month and they had Speakers for £2.49 and need 4 AAA Batteries. Loads of my m8's have bought that and they found it alright, But I don't know if they sell it in all Home Bargain stores or even if they have it in stock.

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    Hi just saw these in Woolworths…328

    They might be ok + I can grab them in-store.

    Anyone have any other suggestions.

    Thanks for the reply BadBoyTC, I live on the south coast & don't think we have Home Bargains stores down here :-(

    Try Tescos, got some technika ones for Leeds festival last year, only about 6 quid. Not sure if they still have them but they worked a treat.
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